Publisher call-outs

bookSo, OK one of the most confusing things about being a writer, is the amount of advice and information there is out there.  Everyone has a golden nugget they want to pass along – however, not all of it will apply to you and of course even make sense to your personal ambitions. So I want to make this really easy for you…start looking at publisher call-outs.

Publisher call-outs are just that, publishers seeking specific stories and novels for their stable, or a certain anthology. The trick to them is to thoroughly read through all their requirements and give them what they want. Don’t send them a Western Thriller if they’ve asked for a Paranormal Romance – unless of course you’ve done some serious genre mashing up with a werewolf rustler falling in love with the new vampire sheriff who’s in the middle of solving a serial killer case – hang on, that almost writes itself!

Below are some links to publisher call out sites. Now these tend to run to the more horror and paranormal romance side (because that’s what I use) so if you’re more generic in your writing you might have to google farther a field to find your nestled nugget.

Duotrope – by far and away the nest generic call out database online. Contains lots of horror and romance publishers. now as of Jan 2013 it is a paid for site – however $50 a year for this kind of information is an investment in your writing career. Great for all genres!

British Fantasy Society: this links you directly to their call out pages.

Absolute Water Cooler:   This takes you to a forum where publishers will list their paid call-outs.

Dark Markets:  careful with this one as they list alphabetically, so always check every page, as you might miss something.

The Horror Tree:  Soooo one of my favourites! Fab listings and updated daily, and still blissfully free!

Ralan:  This is heavy on the Sci-Fi and Fantasy side – but definitely one worth keeping an eye on.

Worlds Without End: They have a great list of publishers on here and the whole website is a fantastic resource for this genre.

Remember when sending your manuscript to check:

1) You’re sending the right manuscript to the right editor/ contact.

2) You’ve formatted it to exactly the publisher’s guidelines. That includes right spellings and terminology for the right country. And you’re sending it in the right format – RTF DOCX etc.

3) You’ve included all relevant information about you in your covering email – contact info, previous publishing credits, links to your websites etc. Also anything the publishers have asked for: e.g. summary, one line promotional blurb…

4) The work you’re sending has been checked for any glaring errors and it’s the best work you’ve ever done!

Good Luck!